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Introduction of hardware handle

Issuing time:2018-11-26 18:04

The door handle is added by many people in modern times, because it is not only for beauty, but also to make your home life easier. Let's briefly introduce the hardware handle.

1. Hardware handle

Traditional hardware products, also known as "hardware". Refers to all kinds of metal devices made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through forging, calendering, cutting, and other physical processing. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods.

2, door handle purchase method

1. High-grade imported door handles can be divided into a full set of imported and imported accessories for domestic assembly, and the prices are different. Attention should be paid to the distinction when purchasing. Moreover, if the merchant says it is imported, he should be able to issue an import bill.

2. The more complicated the structure, the more expensive the lock is. A lock with two tongues is not necessarily more expensive than a lock with one tongue. Generally speaking, the safety factor of modern door locks has little to do with the complexity of switching operation procedures. A lock that is simple to operate is not necessarily unsafe, and a lock that is very complicated to open is not necessarily secure. A reasonably designed door lock switch operation program should be clear at a glance and easy to operate.

3, pure copper door handles are not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depending on the process. Moreover, no matter how beautiful the plastic door handle is, it is best not to buy it, because its strength is not enough. Once it is broken, even the door cannot be opened.

4. Generally speaking, locks made in Taiwan Province are more flexible than those made in China at the same price.

5. Locks made in Zhejiang are generally more material-saving than those made in Guangdong, because the lock head and key are thinner and the lock core is smaller, so the price should be relatively cheap.

6, look at the lock not only depends on the feel, but also pay attention to whether it has a quality guarantee, which should generally be guaranteed for five years.


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