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Keywords: JD100 ultra-heavy dustproof hinge aluminum handle
Brand culture
Company vision
Be a safe high-end brand of aluminum door and window hardware.
Enterprise mission
Strive for every family to use safety hardware.
Core values
Customer first, service first; Passionate work, happy life;Honest and pragmatic, consistent in appearance;Be brave in innovation and embrace change;Teamwork and common progress;
There are standards and more accuracy.
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Belgium, as the capital of the European Union, is one of the most developed countries in Europe and a long-term industrial power since the modern industrial revolution. Automobile industry is the pillar industry of Belgian industry, and its automobile brand was established two years earlier than BMW. Belgium, with its central position in Europe, numerous high-quality talents and advanced manufacturing technology, attracts world-famous automobile manufacturers such as Volvo and Audi to invest and set up factories in Belgium on a large scale. Relying on the advanced design and process level in Belgium's industrial field, JIEDO has set up an R&D institution for door and window system hardware in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on the research and development of breakthrough high-end door and window hardware products. Inheriting Belgium's advanced industrial design concept and precision manufacturing concept, JIEDO is renowned in the industry for its excellent quality and innovative design.

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