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Competition should not be a price fight.

Issuing time:2021-10-29 09:43

Competition should not be a price fight.


This year, affected by the epidemic, the growth rate of various household industries slowed down, and the topic of vicious competition in the door and window industry continued to ferment. Some people in the industry asked, according to the current development trend, what effect will it have?

The vicious competition of low quality and low price and cutting corners is not long-term and unhealthy in itself.

Excessive "price war" and excessive vicious competition will often lead to the vicious circle of low price and low quality. Low-quality and low-price brands will inevitably "cut corners" in the selection of raw materials and accessories to ensure their survival.

Long-term low profits, no sustainable development potential, lack of funds to invest in product research and development, quality improvement, brand building, in the long run, such a brand will not go far, and will eventually end in failure.

As far as the product itself is concerned, not only the performance can not be guaranteed, but also there may be potential safety hazards, resulting in irreparable consequences. While bringing troubles to users, it also plunged itself into a credibility crisis and was eventually eliminated by the market.

These products will not expose quality problems in the short term, but with the increase of use time and intensity, quality problems will eventually be exposed. Once the quality hidden trouble breaks out, it is the user who pays the bill.

The quality problem is not solved, resulting in a credibility crisis, which makes users lose confidence in the brand. This trust crisis tells us that enterprises should not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of products, strive to solve the problems encountered by users in the use of products, and truly treat customers with integrity in order to gain the trust and recognition of consumers.

√ Real competition √

The real competition should be in product design, performance and system technology innovation, not price war. Over the years, systematic thinking has been integrated into the whole process of product design, research and development and manufacturing. With "rationality" and "convenience" as the core, the system door and window design is constructed, which inspires diversified door and window solutions, brings users the ultimate experience with extraordinary ingenuity, and leads the new trend of villa-style life.

In product design

Constantly upgrade and adjust

Multiple safety protection

More care, more protection

In terms of product layout

Continuously enrich the product line

Meet different market demands

In the choice of accessories

Bring to the majority of users

More diverse, intelligent and safe.

High-quality and high-standard door and window products


Let more high-quality system doors and windows products enter thousands of households.

Provide quality and taste enjoyment for more families.

Competition is never a fight on price or a compromise on quality, but a long-term win-win cooperation.

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