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How much do you know about the advantages of hardware with internal opening and internal window tilt

Issuing time:2021-10-18 17:20

In recent years, the window with inner opening and inner inverted window is more and more favored by consumers, so what is the window with inner opening and inner inverted window? Why are windows with inside opening and inside turning more and more popular?

Inner opening and inner inverted window

From the structural point of view, the inward-opening and inward-tilting window can be both horizontally opened and inward-tilted (the upper part of the window sash inclines inward). That is, the lower part of the window is fixed, while the upper part is inclined to the room. On the basis of the original window sash, it adds a set of hardware with an inner opening and an inner inverted window, without destroying the original window, and the upgrade is convenient and quick. Then do you know the advantages of choosing an inside-opening and inside-inverted window?

01 ventilation-take a breath naturally

When the window falls inside, the air enters the room from the upper opening and the left and right openings of the window, and the wind will not blow against the face, which can reduce the risk of catching a cold. Opening the windows inside and turning them upside down are especially suitable for those who live in high-rise buildings. When the wind blows, opening the windows inside and turning them upside down can not only prevent wind, but also let fresh air slowly enter the room, killing two birds with one stone.

02 security-anti-theft upgrade

When the window is set to the inverted state, the gap left can not only ventilate, but also worry about the patronage of the gentleman on the beam. Good anti-theft performance, at the same time, children fall from high-rise windows from time to time now, and opening the windows inside can solve this problem, so you don't have to worry about going to work or going on a business trip, and you have no worries at home!

Practicality-does not occupy indoor space.

When it comes to not occupying indoor space, everyone definitely thinks of sliding windows, but because of their poor sealing and short life, many people have been entangled. However, opening inside and pouring inside not only ensures the tightness, but also does not occupy the indoor space.

04 Good impermeability-prevent rainwater from splashing in.

Whether it is a sliding window or a casement window, you are afraid to open the window when it rains or snows. But don't worry if you open it inside. No matter how heavy it rains, it won't splash indoors. You don't have to worry about ventilation and business trips, and you don't have to worry about unexpected rain damaging furniture and floors.

04 Good heat preservation and sealing-multi-lock point sealing

Multi-lock point sealing of inner opening and inner inverted window can greatly enhance the sealing performance of the window. After the sealing is enhanced, its thermal insulation and sound insulation will also be improved.

05 Easy to clean-easy to handle.

When cleaning, you only need to open the window inward to avoid the danger of leaning out of the window to clean the window. It's easy to take care of and it's a piece of cake!

The inner opening and the inner inverted window are not only easy to use and more durable, but also can prevent the window from deforming, improve the airtightness and prolong the service life of the window.


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